ACR Osprey 5 - 5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove

ACR Osprey 5 - 5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove

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One unique contemporary freestanding wood-burning stove that works well in a variety of living areas is the Osprey 5. Its sleek and modern style skillfully blends functionality and beauty, creating the perfect center point for your house. This design not only adds style to any space, but it also guarantees effective heating and fosters a comfortable atmosphere. The Osprey 5 is perfect for small to medium-sized settings because of its remarkable 5kW heat output, which belies its compact size. It has a sophisticated air wash technology that prevents residue buildup and keeps the glass clean by sending a stream of air across it. This lets you completely appreciate the fire's alluring beauty in addition to enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The Osprey 5, which was designed with the environment in mind, has earned certification as Eco Design Ready and has complied with strict emission regulations to lessen its impact on the environment and improve energy efficiency. Furthermore, it is DEFRA exempt, which permits you to use it in smoke-controlled locations and enjoy its warmth in both suburban and urban settings. Conveniently designed, the Osprey 5 has a built-in wood storage box that makes it simple to keep your firewood close at hand.


  • Eco Design Compliant
  • Black Finish
  • Contemporary Design
  • DEFRA Exempt
  • Steel Construction
  • Advanced Air Wash System
  • 83% Efficiency
  • 5kw Heat Output
  • 10 Years Warranty

Additional Information

Height 1000mm
Width 550mm
Depth 400mm
Outlet Diameter 5'' (125mm)
Distance from side to Combustibles 150mm
Distance from rear to Combustibles 150mm
Max Output 5.0kW 
Thermal Cut-Out
Colour  Listed in purchase options
Fuel Type Wood burning
Construction Steel
Style  Modern
Weight 118kg
Warranty 10 Years
Installation Freestanding

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