Alpine Outdoor Chiminea Wood Burning Cooking Pit

Alpine Outdoor Chiminea Wood Burning Cooking Pit

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With the stunning and spectacular Haloo Alpine wood-burning fire pit, you can enjoy your favorite barbecue dishes in the garden while taking in the warmth and outdoor ambience. The Alpine fire pit has a traditional yet contemporary appearance and a cast iron swing-out cooking grill with two height-adjustable positions for using food. Moreover, it features an extra-wide hinged door for ease access to the fire, making wood addition and grilling easy and safe every time.

The main body, which is made of robust solid steel, has a modern appearance and is coated with heat-resistant enamel that can withstand temperatures of up to 850 degrees Celsius on the roof and chimney. The fire pit is finished with heat-resistant paint that can withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celsius. The enamel-coated fire bowl has handles and an ash pan for convenient cleaning. The chimney's twist-on/off function makes construction quick.

For increased safety, the mesh spark guard in the enlarged chimney neck and on all sides offers a 360-degree view and improved smoke extraction. The Haloo Alpine wood-burning fireplace is incredibly safe, fashionable, and simple to assemble. Only non-flammable outdoor surfaces (such stone, brick, or concrete) are meant to be used with it. It requires some simple assembly.


  • An outdoor garden fire pit that burns wood, with a swing-out cast iron BBQ grill and two height-adjustable positions
  • A movable door that is extra broad makes it simple to add wood and grill.
  • 360-degree vision with spark guard mesh for improved smoke extraction and safety
  • Large fire bowl with enamel coating with handles
  • Ash pan for simple cleanup
  • Paint resistant to 800 degrees Celsius
  • Featuring a twist-on/switch-off mechanism for quick installation

Additional Information

Height 1790mm
Width 750mm
Depth 750mm
Weight 29.59kg
Heat Resistance 800 Degrees Celsius
Material Cast Iron Construction
Colour Black
Installation Plug in

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