Saltfire ST-X4 Tall Multi-Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

Saltfire ST-X4 Tall Multi-Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

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Introducing the Saltfire ST-X4, a brand-new stove to our line of incredibly clean burning models that we painstakingly created in our labs. The ST-X4, the smallest model in the new ST-X series, has an efficiency rating of roughly 80% and produces 4.1kW of power. With its cast iron door, thermo-refractory fire brick inner linings, and precision-welded thick steel construction, it exceeds the cleanliness requirements needed for a "DEFRA" exemption, allowing it to be used lawfully anywhere in the UK, including in the strictest smoke control zones. The ST-X4 boasts a large viewing window that provides exciting views of the fire and is constructed with easy-to-use controls for uncomplicated operation. The sophisticated "after-burner" technology produces a very unique flame pattern. As a multifuel stove, it can also burn wood logs or smokeless coal effectively. When the ash can is full, the coal ashes just slide through the grate and fall into it. The ST-X4 guarantees both endurance and aesthetic appeal with its high-temperature black paint finish, which is imported from the USA, and its thermo-ceramic clear glass, which is sourced from the top "Schott" brand in Germany. A built-in air-wash system improves glass clarity even more.

The cost includes a tin of colour matched paint to allow for future touch ups if whole stove painted.


  • Ecodesign 2022 Ready (future proofed)
  • DEFRA Exempt / Approved for Smoke Control Areas
  • Large viewing window
  • 2-5W operating range
  • Ultra clean burning
  • Low maintenance
  • 76.1% efficiency
  • No intricate, delicate components to go wrong
  • Suitable for use on 12mm hearth
  • Generous firebox size

Additional Information

Height 689mm
Width 395mm
Depth 330mm
Max Output 4.1kW 
Thermo-ceramic clear glass
Colour  Listed in purchase options
Flue size 5'' / 125mm
Rear to centre of top flue  118mm
Internal firebox width 285mm
Internal firebox depth 225mm
Max log size 10 Inch / 225mm
Distance to combustibles 400mm to sides / 500mm to rear
Installation Freestanding


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